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Megha Systems is a renowned organization dealing with almost every kind of toilet accessories and cubicles. Urinal partitions are generally used in gents’ toilet to cover a small part. Open toilets are designed for boys or males and urinals are separated with the help of partitions. These partitions are called Urinal partitions which are aesthetically designed in a flexible way. These urinal partitions can be in any shape, size or colors depending on the available space and interior of the building. When it comes to pampering kids, colorful yet small urinal partitions are installed, whereas, for offices, elegant urinal partitions are installed. These urinal partitions can be in any form like oval, rectangular, square, butterfly wings or any shape. Apart from this, urinal partitions can be made with stainless steel, glass, laminate boards, nylon series or any other stuff.

While designing unique urinal partitions, termite free or anti-bacterial coating is layered to make it germ-free. Apart from this, these urinal partitions are easy to install, carry less maintenance cost, easy to clean, cheapest in prices. Megha Systems has its own in-house team who designs the urinal partitions after inspecting the place of the office or buildings. The sample urinal partitions can be seen right here only as the images show. To make it strong, compatible hinges or clips are used. Megha Systems relies on only delivering modern concepts by following the international standards and aesthetic look. Contact Megha Systems to buy or install the urinal partitions in Faridabad, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and across India. Megha Systems has the track record of serving the public places, government organizations, legal entity, educational institutions, shopping malls, and commercial buildings at most promising rates. Beautify the toilets by using right choice of urinal partitions manufactured and designed by Megha Systems.

Urinal Partition Series Supplier Delhi Noida
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