Stainless Steel Series – Toilet Cubicles Delhi/NCR, India

Stainless Steel Series Toilet Cubicle Suppliers Delhi,Faridabad,noida,Gurgaon

Megha systems have expertise in dealing with the premium quality of toilet cubicles & partitions related to residential apartments & commercial buildings. Stainless steel series toilet cubicles & partitions are made with 10-12 mm compact laminate, multi-layered Kraft paper & phenolic resins. Using colorful laminates make the toilet cubicles more attractive and well interior. Megha Systems make sure to offer anti-fungal or anti-bacterial finishes layer over the toilet cubicles to protect the toilet cubicles from the germ or bacteria and to make it environment-friendly.

These stainless steel series are cut and designed through thermosetting based machinery which offers the finest quality and perfect shape of toilet cubicles. Stainless steel toilet cubicles prove to be little costly, yet they assume to be long lasting & durable. After un-installation, stainless steel has equal resell value. Megha systems deal in almost every kind of stainless steel variants varying from economical series, (SS 202), Designer Series (SS 304), Shoe model (SS 316) models to serve various clients. Stainless steel toilet cubicles are made classy by using high-quality matt, brush, chrome finishes. To support the U-Shape and corner profiles toilet cubicles, supporting head rails and adjustable foot anchors are attached to the roof & floors.

Megha systems prefer to analyze the space available for toilet and number of cubicles to be designed. Take correct measurements, decide the cubicles size, check for the interior to give matching elements to the cubicles and install with the help of hinges, head rails, floor clips & anchors. To resist from heat, humidity or chemicals, melamine or polyamide coatings are used on the stainless steel toilet cubicles & partitions. Megha Systems has been dealing with the corporate and residential clients in Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Delhi/ NCR in India with subtle stainless steel toilet cubicles & partitions. To make it more prominent, Megha Systems has been using compatible stainless steel made accessories like U channel, Privacy thumb turn, doorknob, coat hook, auto return hinges, aluminum top profile, adjustable legs, door stopper lining etc. Natural colors are layered to make the Toilet cubicles best and more hygienic. To offer cost cutting products, quality is never compromised. Stainless steel toilet cubicles & partitions are in great demands in premium locations like Airports, Hotels, Offices and Megha Systems feel proud to serve the nation with best of the product qualities to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction.

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