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Looking for the light weighted but silky soft touch toilet cubicles, Nylon elegance series toilet cubicles are best as per the quality and look. Megha Systems has been dealing with the Toilet Cubicles & partitions in Faridabad, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad in India with all kinds of economical and comprehensive toilet solutions. When it comes to public places, the single toilet may never be sufficient and constructing separate toilet may demand excess money and space. Whereas Toilet cubicles or partitions are the easy solutions for the companies or apartments who are looking to design unique toilets pertaining to separate sex – males & females.

Nylon Elegance series toilet cubicles carry the international standards and prove to be stylish. Bright colored nylon polyamide layer is coated to enhance the look of the toilet cubicles. To protect the toilet cubicles & partitions from fungus or bacteria, antifungal or anti-bacterial coatings are layered which will also protect the toilet with humidity, wetness & germ. Nylon elegance series is completely environment- supportive and available in various shapes, colors & sizes. With carrying the light weight, they are easy to install and carry. Nylon elegance series toilet cubicles & partitions will offer classy, sober, modern, stylish and fashionable look to your home or office toilets. These are more popular at home, although these are installed & supplied to Schools, Hospitals, and Institutions & Airports with dynamic & elegant designs. Accessories attached with the nylon elegance series toilet cubicles are usually found in black, grey, white or metallic colors, although black colored accessories are most popular among them.

Nylon polyamide is considered to be easily caught by fire or heat so heat & bacteria resistant polyamide coating is layered. To make the nylon elegance series strong & durable, high-quality thumb turn, U Channel, Doorknob, Coat Hook, Top profile, Adjustable Legs, Door stoppers, Hinges, head rails are used. If you are willing to give a classy look to your private place, contact Megha Systems to install your choice of toilet cubicles at comparative pricing. Utilize available space and valuable money with using the royal look of nylon elegance series toilet cubicles & partitions in India. Quote us today for the better quality and maintenance services.

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